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Tappy Zar Zar Usman Bangash Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey
16338 Hits   10298 Downloads
Da Sta Khyber Waziristant Khkuley De Usman Bangash Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey
5138 Hits   2411 Downloads
Bangash Ta Salam Usman Bangash Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey
9537 Hits   4431 Downloads
Waziristan Attan Usman Bangash Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey
21646 Hits   10480 Downloads
Musafar Usman Bangash Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey
7366 Hits   3387 Downloads
Wada Usman Bangash Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey
6139 Hits   2494 Downloads
Abada Pukhtonkhwa Usman Bangash Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey
4918 Hits   1871 Downloads
Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey Usman Bangash
8649 Hits   3809 Downloads
Afghanistan Usman Bangash Pukhtoon Da Cha Ghulam Na Dey
7693 Hits   2622 Downloads
Da Pukhtano Watana Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
5128 Hits   2591 Downloads
Zo Mashomtob Ghwarama Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
2756 Hits   1492 Downloads
Zama Khkulai Janaana Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
2648 Hits   1558 Downloads
Pukhtoon Usman Bangash
5314 Hits   2109 Downloads
Khkulee Pukhtunkhuwa Da Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
3071 Hits   1702 Downloads
Pukhtoon Ma Warta Waya Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
16333 Hits   10954 Downloads
Da Gull Pa Shan Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
4704 Hits   2328 Downloads
Da Kali Yaw Jeenai Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
4626 Hits   2654 Downloads
Tapey Misray Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
6944 Hits   4761 Downloads
Afghanistan Ta Zum Usman Bangash Pukhtoon
6018 Hits   2966 Downloads
Nawey Pakistan Ba Jorawo Kana PTI Usman Bangash Song
32013 Hits   36220 Downloads
Qalam Kitaab Ghwaro Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
2353 Hits   4857 Downloads
Pa Gran Waziristan Ke Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
3088 Hits   2413 Downloads
Da Pukhtano Kali Ta Rasha Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
4595 Hits   4485 Downloads
Sufiyana Qalam Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
2659 Hits   2125 Downloads
Da Butki Butki Che Khkari Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
2597 Hits   2466 Downloads
Shi Ba Yu Zai Tol Da Khyber Pukhtana Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
3324 Hits   2921 Downloads
Kabal Jan Aw Pekhawar Sizale De Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
3127 Hits   5006 Downloads
Kala Ba Raze Gulley Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
4840 Hits   4843 Downloads
Tappy Usman Bangash Khyber Pukhtana
10440 Hits   11406 Downloads
Pa Lara Zam Da Imran Khan Sara Usman Bangash
4956 Hits   5876 Downloads
Laray Ka Palaw Musharaf Bangash
7698 Hits   5561 Downloads
Afghanistan Musharaf Bangash
8183 Hits   4005 Downloads
Malay Che Razay Musharaf Bangash
5856 Hits   3063 Downloads
Grana Judai Da Musharaf Bangash
7673 Hits   4354 Downloads
Bewafa Musharaf Bangash
8727 Hits   5191 Downloads
Tapay Musharaf Bangash
23808 Hits   17730 Downloads
Nakrezy Musharaf Bangash
7028 Hits   3993 Downloads
Waziristan Musharaf Bangash
10705 Hits   5034 Downloads
Lar Ao Bar Pukhtana Musharaf Bangash
8464 Hits   4739 Downloads
Rukhsar Pashto Songs
190753 Hits   143807 Downloads
Sparle Pashto Songs
95770 Hits   85739 Downloads
Pakhtoon Songs
90375 Hits   54659 Downloads
Mardan Pashto Songs
84418 Hits   55070 Downloads
Inqilab Pashto Songs
76014 Hits   46352 Downloads
Waziristan New Songs
72796 Hits   41423 Downloads
Afghanistan Latest Songs
57534 Hits   33192 Downloads
Bewafa Pukhto Songs
124024 Hits   100925 Downloads
Andaaz Pashto Songs
58686 Hits   38329 Downloads
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207495 Hits   130179 Downloads
Ya Me Ta Da Sar Salo NaghmaAfghan Hits Vol-5 Album Pashto Mp3 Songs
55237 Hits   36880 Downloads
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