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Results For: Old Mp3 Song Filmi (Total 40 Records Found) Dagha Khaista Halak Me Yar De Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
6179 Hits   4531 Downloads
Kha Darband Poye Yama Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
2785 Hits   23024 Downloads
Aey Lanati Lanat Sha Pa Ta Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
1806 Hits   1272 Downloads
Janan Sha Janan Sha Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
2075 Hits   1447 Downloads
Har Yu Yar Rasara Nast De Sang Pa Sang De Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
2062 Hits   10370 Downloads
Shwo Laley Me Charsi Nima Shpa Kor Ta Razi Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
1673 Hits   1387 Downloads
Khaist Me Be Misal Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
1221 Hits   719 Downloads
Las Wacha Wa Che Shal Shi Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
748 Hits   418 Downloads
Akhir Zra De Kana Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
1356 Hits   1200 Downloads
Mat Me Sho Bangri Yara Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
1204 Hits   728 Downloads
Sada Janana Wale Na Pohege Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
1012 Hits   713 Downloads
Laga Shan Yari Ba Rasara Kawe Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
798 Hits   552 Downloads
Za Na Laram Sani Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
984 Hits   696 Downloads
Da Khkulo Pa Yare Ke Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
912 Hits   560 Downloads
Qudrati Somra Lewane Khkule Da Hits Maste Filmi Sandare
915 Hits   553 Downloads
Bewafai De Ukra Nazia Iqbal Album Song
24221 Hits   19660 Downloads
Meena Na Kawom Gul Panra 2014 Latest Full Song
30601 Hits   30299 Downloads
Farsi Song Brishna Amil Album Yewa Za Yuw Me Janan We
10410 Hits   7428 Downloads
Afghanistan Partriotic Song Shafiq Mureed Ada Afghan Hits
14324 Hits   12579 Downloads
Gul Panra Sad Song Ada Afghan Hits
19900 Hits   16441 Downloads
Jeenai Sama Amrasa Ye Shahsawar Saima Naz 2014 New Song
24225 Hits   21724 Downloads
Farsi Song Nazia Iqbal Farsi Album Tere Naam
19343 Hits   12278 Downloads
Farsi Song Nazia Iqbal Farsi Album Tere Naam
14383 Hits   7997 Downloads
Ta Na Zaar Zaar Lovers Choice 2013 Album New Singer Song
19510 Hits   12268 Downloads
Khwaga Jeene Yem Sitara Younas Shahsawar Farsi Song 2013 Album Khyber Hits Vol-22
26747 Hits   12086 Downloads
Gul Panra New Latest Farsi Full Song 2013
141977 Hits   80347 Downloads
Song Hits Nazia Iqbal 2013 Film Meena Kawa Kho 302 Ma Kawa
44587 Hits   21410 Downloads
Meena Kawa Kho 302 Ma Kawa Nazia Iqbal Shahsawar 2013 Song
32224 Hits   19011 Downloads
Khudaya Jowand Gul Panra Song
44454 Hits   28865 Downloads
Ta Che Shwe Juda Lama Sad Song Gul Panra Shahsawar Love Story Film 2013
43429 Hits   26887 Downloads
Za Yam Lewane Da Meene Hashmat Sahar New 2013 Song
51077 Hits   26642 Downloads
Khodkasha Remix Ghaddar Film Song
28067 Hits   20721 Downloads
Mawjoona Di Mazey Di Gul Panra Ghaddar Film Song
26171 Hits   15046 Downloads
Nary Nary Baran Dey Nadia Gul Ghaddar Film Song
33225 Hits   21800 Downloads
Za La Ta Zar Yama Ghaddar Film Song
36662 Hits   18604 Downloads
Ta Pasey Jaregama Ghaddar Film Song
23970 Hits   12970 Downloads
Raza Che Darla Sitara Younas Ghaddar Film Song
24451 Hits   14245 Downloads
Title Song Sta Pa Khkaalo Me Zra Shaqi Sho
40285 Hits   31099 Downloads
Tapy Pashto Song
228023 Hits   132074 Downloads
Tapay Pukhto Song
128897 Hits   92181 Downloads
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